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Some useful plug-ins for Live Writter

Live Writter is the application I use to post in this blog, according to somebody; it’s one of the few good products from Microsoft. Some time ago I talked about Live Writter with the Add-ons it had at that time; now it has gone more and I like some of the features but I don’t […]

Facebook, another way for waste our time?

For a while I could never find the Facebook business, and so far I have serious doubts about what I understood rightly. This social network has grown a lot, displacing Hi5! every day in the Spanish-speaking environment, but to be honest, after the first days of use I couldn’t understand what to do with that […]

Happy 2009 my friends

Apparently, some do not ever rest, jeje.  Thank you for your patience and respect for my vacation. I am in a couple of hours back, I had time to think, rest, eat with blogger friends, talk with school friends, watch the kids run around the beach … Anyway, I think this year should be very […]

egeomate, new year, new face

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post to know more about Centro American Dishes and drinks. At the end of the holiday, at the rhythm of tamales and a king’s cake (*) in advance, I had time to see very cool friends. I am referring to the Blogos, with whom […]

Google Earth portable, for use without an Internet connection

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Recently Google made certain changes to licenses, including mentions: 1. Launch of the portable version This has been promoted for purposes such as natural disasters, involving loss of electrical power or connectivity. In this case there is a version to put on a […]

Merkaweb, an attractive hosting service

In these days, almost everyone has a blog, website or even an online store. Having it free is one of the first alternative, but there comes a time you want to have better conditions, a domain and greater control of the stored content. There are also many choices of lodging, this time I would like […]

What to do with bad visitors

The popular wisdom and the majority of religious texts suggest that evil must be responding with good works. It is not time to discuss this, but it is difficult to find what to do when from the other side of the blog, someone is trying to make damage to you. Let us see some tips […]

And finally, which natural wonders follow?

At date, the campaign for the natural wonders has given us the first disappointment, and is that in its FAQ they claimed that on January 1 2009 would be announced which are the natural wonders that applied to the next stage. It was expected that at this time they had defined one wonder for country, […]

There are already the 77 nominated natural wonders

After several days of silence, there are already published the 77 best rated natural wonders, one per country. In some cases, the proposals received more votes than the elected but were not well documented by the bureaucrats in charge of each country. A year ago I presented the complete list of proposals; here are some […]

Hazards migration to

Finally, it is almost purged the database after a migration from Word Press MU in Cartesianos to a hosted domain in Cpanel. For this, various plug-ins and phpmyadmin access have had fun on me. There were several days – and nights – of come and go. Here I summarize some lines, after I finally believe […]

Geofumadas 3.0: SEO Decisions

2011 marks an important step in Spanish version of eGeomate, after 3 years of coming to work as Cartesianos subdomain. We’ve spoken with Tomas, whom I thank the opportunity and with whom I hope maintain an important contact in this and other situations we found. Cartesianos, despite damage it had at a time by viral […]
0 να αποθηκεύσετε εικόνες

Υπάρχουν διάφοροι τρόποι για να αποθηκεύσετε εικόνες, δωρεάν και επί πληρωμή. Πολλές από αυτές τις πρακτικές για όσους μοιράζονται δεδομένα, να γράψει σε φόρουμ ή blogs και δεν θέλουν να σκοτώσουν τους φιλοξενεί. είναι μια λύση, η οποία κατά την εκκίνηση δεν φαίνεται να προσφέρει πολλά από φαίνεται μια λευκή οθόνη, αλλά όταν βλέποντας […]
0 to store images

There are several ways to store images, free and paid. Many of these practical for those who share data, write in forums or blogs and do not want to kill their hosting. is a solution, that at the startup does not seem to offer much by seem a blank screen, but when seeing their […]

October 15, The Blog Action Day

This year’s Blog Action Day is dedicated to a world’s very sensitive issue: Poverty. According to Wikipedia it is defined as: “A situation or way of life that arises as a result of the inability to access and / or lack of resources to meet basic human physical and mental needs affecting the level and […]

Philosophizing about AdSense

The full post is in the Blogos, a stance on the possibility for making a monitoring plan for AdSense revenue by applying a linear graph of type mx+b. I confess that I have take part of the content. Here I leave the review… 1. The base data blah blah blah based on two years of […]

Who doesn’t want to win the Nokia

Yajaira, a good friend emerged from Esmeralda in Ecuador and now living in Italy gives us a good picture, where apart of showing a good smile, invites us to vote because like any mortal geek… …wants to win this Nokia Just go to that web, vote and confirm with your email… it will take you […]

Trip to Córdoba

Perhaps in Cordoba it attracts our attention city’s first map, built about 1811, with the surveying procedure known as “underground geometry”, method usually used for mining by physical impossibility of triangulation, which gave rise to numerous errors in layout, among which can mention difference between the curve that describes the river and the straight section […]

Gmail integrates Audio-Video-chat

Google wants to own everything, including that all, it claims for Gmail to be the only alternative that integrates the basic features for online communication. Started by integrating the chat, which despite being quite simplified is very effective because works within the same window in Gmail, with the option to save conversations, do search on […]