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Some time ago I spoke of the interactive maps to learn geography, reading in Itacasig I found another interesting maps collection in Flash format available for download or embed in Maps of War website.

The main focus is historical and political, can be very useful for educational purposes. In the case of the map I’m showing below, it describes graphically on a timeline the different moments that marked a milestone for the emergence of religious ideologies since the birth of Krishna, the founder of Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam … all in 90 seconds.

My respects for those who did this work, a while ago my girl was doing a project on this and it have been very useful for her presentation, it would have surprised a lot when dynamically show the scope of the early church missions, crusades and foreign missions… I know this because I had to suffer it using pure fluorescent marker and PowerPoint.


There are also other maps, such as:

  • Map of world empires
  • Map of the evolution of forms of government
  • Map of the wars, which includes the Iraqi conflict

It is also interesting an aerial image of Saddam Hussein’s Palace before and after the occupation, when you click on the red button “change the view” it is seen as green areas that became parking and I don’t know what other installations which are seen like light blue ceiling.


But as its name suggests, the best is on the links and maps that reflect information about war or terrorism, in which there are different animations mainly from Middle Eastern.

Also in the links to other sites there is much to see, as the interactive map of global migration or Darfur attacks satellite evidence showing different areas before and after this.


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