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IntelliCAD is a cheap choice for the AutoCAD software

How much is the software in this blog

More than two years writing about technology issues crazy, usually software and applications. Today I want to take to make an analysis of what it means to speak of software in the hope of forming an opinion, to highlight strengths and how they respond to income and words as Internet traffic generation. Software entries that […]

BitCAD’s creativity

I feel it’s a very good advertising of BitCAD, from IntelliCAD, which incidentally is a low cost alternative to AutoCAD as I told you a while back when we did a more extensive review of this program. It gives a good lesson to the marketing department of Manifold he he. And as they seem cool […]

Who Moved My Cheese?

I like Geoinformatics so much, cause besides being a magazine with a great layout appeal; the contents are very good in geospatial. Today has been announced the release of April, where I have taken some texts highlighted in red to motivate a luscious reading. In earlier versions I did a summary for them, today I’ve […]

QCad, AutoCAD alternative for Linux and Mac

As we know, AutoCAD can run on Linux under Wine or Citrix, but this time I’ll show you a tool that can be an inexpensive solution for Linux, Windows or Mac. This is QCad, a solution developed by RibbonSoft since 1999, and that has achieved sufficient experience as to be adopted by companies seeking to […]

Comparison between CAD software

As there is a comparison between computer geographic information systems (GIS) solutions, also on the Wikipedia there is a table for the CAD tools aimed at what we know as AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) There are usually outdated University teachers who tell students that setting Wikipedia as bibliography source is to lower our work’s level; but […]

ProgeCAD, another alternative to AutoCAD

ProgeCAD is a low-cost technology based on the IntelliCAD 6.5, which very well may be adopted as a replacement for software of AutoCAD’s level. Let’s see what ProgeCAD has: Similar to AutoCAD Being similar to AutoCAD both in commands and functionality allows no need to train technicians who have mastered that platform. So actions such […]

The slow progress of CAD integration– Costs

After SAICIC’s death, several Mexican programs appropriated this market, making it one of the engineering areas that was first automated. I remember that sometimes I’d trained costs’ course, and it was necessary to test different applications (available in those days), such us NewWall, Opus, Campeon Neodata. The latter seemed better even it bothered me I […]

BitCAD – AutoCAD Comparison (Round 1)

I had previously talked about BitCAD, which is an economical alternative to AutoCAD, with a very aggressive advertising and that just now has launched its 6.5 version with 3D capabilities. Every day more and more companies are forced to abandon the pirating practice because international agreements are making that more Governments become involved in the […]

2011: What to expect: CAD Platforms

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Hello my friends, holidays have left like firecrackers, nacatamales (*) and New Year hugs. It’s good to be back to this side of life in a year good for news. AutoCAD comes from 3 years of having given back to interface and is […]

Informatics on February 2009 in Habana

From February 9 to 13 2009, La Habana will host the XIII edition of the International Convention and Informatics Fair 2009, which will be held at the Conventions Palace of La Habana and at the PABEXPO fairgrounds. The event is a collection of 14 different events in terms of technology, one who attends can go […]