How to fix the screen, if it is crossed by 90 degrees

clip_image001I don’t know if it had happened to one of you, it is the first time I see it, but without knowing how it could be done, I made the screen be crossed by 90 degrees. Apparently not all computers have this property, but on a lonely night hotel, without the Internet this is fatal.

I consulted with those on the side who were watching the football game and they gave me three solutions:

1. The First: I called the municipality technical support; he spent half an hour looking for different ways to solve the problem and then finally closed the door and said:


The next day he took it to reformat; I paid $ 45 for this.

2. The Second said me that he was so, working two days with the head crooked, all those whom he asked did not know how to do, just throw a laugh. One even shook it saying that some tablets had that function to accommodate according to the position. Finally someone fixed it but I never knew he did.

3. The Third said that a technician so arranged it one day, by pressing a few control buttons, I don’t know more. He called the girl but she did not answer the cell phone…

Don’t spend more time, that’s how:

Press ctrl + alt key and key arrow direction. If you press the right it cross to 90 degrees, while the left cross to -90 and of course, if you place the above (top) it places the screen in the normal position.


Jeje, I assume that crossing the machine can serve to see girls’ pictures in full size.

geograficas a utm 2

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