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Testing Promark 3 … only photos

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. It ended the course of which I had spoken; we were doing tests between GPS Magellan Promark3 and MobileMapper 6. It’s interesting, that in Survey mode you can shape a network, with which the post-processing is done not only with a single computer. […]

Version Differences between MobileMapper Office and MobileMapper 6 Office

In the last post we have been talking about data downloaded from Magellan devices, and there arises the need for clarification on various MobileMapper Office versions. The MobileMapper 6 Office This is software that comes when it’s bought a MobileMapper 6,it is a new software, which just goes by the 1.01.01 version The utility that […]

GPS Promark 3, first impression

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. I’ve taken out of the box these toys, in a week we will do training to see how it works. For now, I’ve barely seen the videos and some of its attributes. Promark 3 predecessors. In this same line, there previously were, and […]

GPS MobileMapper 6, postprocessing data

A few days ago we saw how to capture data with the Mobile Mapper 6, now let’s try to do post-processing. This requires to have installed Mobile Mapper Office, in this case I’m using 2.0 version that comes with the purchase. Downloading data. The most practical way for this is to use Prolink, although if […]

Testing Sokkia Total Station SET 630RK

I’ve just begun to see this model; I hope to make by the end of this month a formal training, so technicians will be evangelized in their news. Till now we have been using the Sokkia Set520K, about which I had spoken before. The workshop will be given towards the end of May 2010, either […]

Download total station data

Time ago we saw a guide for the use of total station in the cadastre; in this, appears the capture of information. Now we’ll see how to download data to the computer, using one of the guides that made by one of my technicians. Indeed, it’s a great job. I’m using for this: Sokkia total […]

Adjusting data based on a more precise survey

This is an example of a common problem that is happening to me now. I have done a survey earlier with a less precise method, possibly with GPS, tape and compass. The fact is that when mounting the total station, we realize that the information occupies a deformation. The matter is that if it is […]

Google Maps from MobileMapper 6

And just think that my technicians walked with these toys nearly a year; just only to tell me, at last, that they don’t understand them and preferred to stay with the Pro. Well, let’s find a way to give use to a couple of GPS Mobile Mapper 6, which I hope to get on with […]

GPS Mobile Mapper 6, Data Capture

The Mobile Mapper 6 is the generation that came to replace the CX and Pro, which produced Magellan time ago. Today we will see how to capture field data. 1. Basic configurations. To capture data, the equipment must have installed the Mobile Mapping software that comes with the discs when purchasing your computer and is […]

GPS Babel, the best to operate data

Of the best links I’ve received as Gabriel’s feedback from Argentina who told us about it, a couple of days ago. GPS Babel is a free application tool under GPL license, which runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. Ideal for downloading data from a computer and upload it directly to another. For example, you can […]

Generating contours with ArcGIS

Making land surveying with a total station, apart from having pinpoint accuracy, it also may be useful for other purposes, given that you have the elevation of each point. In this case, let’s see how generate contour, which was already sawn with AutoDesk Civil 3D, Bentley Geopak and Manifold GIS, so for educational purposes, in […]

2 egeomates on the fly and 6 links

Long trip, for three days I have been touring with succulent creoles meals. Finally back, many unread mails and the new 12.2-megapixel Kodak camera going very well. Here I leave some readings and news of interest: Bentley extends interoperability to FME. Very interesting, Bentley Map has integrated the chance of interacting data via ETL from […]

Comparative of topography GIS software

Wouldn’t anyone like to have a table that compares different types of GIS software with topography’s features in order to make a decision on purchase? Well, such a thing exists at Point of Beginning, and it includes not only popular use software such as Autodesk, ESRI, MapInfo or Intergraph but also equipment manufacturers like Topcon, […]

TopoCAD, more than Topo, more than CAD

TopoCAD is a basic but comprehensive solution for surveying, CAD drawing and engineering design, although it does more than that in a development that has taken more than 15 years after his birth in Sweden. Now it is all over the world in 12 languages and 70 countries but does not seem to have achieved […]

Where to buy a GPS

I am often asked to recommend a store for the purchase of GPS equipment. The first answer is: find a local distributor in your own country, if you’re making a special purchase and take up advice. But if you are sure on what you want to buy and the only thing you’re looking for is […]

Comparative table of 60 total stations

In the case of surveying equipment, very often appears the need to make a comparison between two models, either from the same brand or from competition. Each company includes a breakdown of their products, but make comparative tables is a difficult task. On this, the Point of Beginning Magazine; specialized in the geo-engineering area and […]

MobileMapper 6 vrs. Juno SC

I told you that I’m testing the MobileMapper 6, on this week we will do field test, but reading online I found that earlier on this year it was written an article based on a comparison test of these two instruments, here I’ll show the most important of this comparison can full download from this […]

MobileMapper 6, first impressions

After being working with the MobileMapper Pro, from which we have some satisfaction (not all), this year we will be working with the model developed (0 redesigned) called Magellan MobileMapper 6. Here are the first impressions: What makes it different from Pro The main thing is that this already comes with Windows Mobile 6; making […]