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clip_image002I hope tomorrow return tour, in which I have been reviewing how’s going training of total station’s use I bought a few days ago. The students are very interested, landscapes are very good, but electricity in these rural areas goes out medium day, implying that there is no water for bathing and the connectivity… what to say. So by while I return to my broadband home and of course to my holiday, here I leave a leisure time.

The Incyclopedia is a geek version of Wikipedia, which occasionally amuses. Just see what’s written in it on Google Earth, or as they say in Yahoo Answers, Google Heart


      • clip_image004 In a Mancha’s(*) place whose name does not appear in Google Earthclip_image006

Miguel de Cervantes on Google Earth

The Gardener on Google Earth

  • clip_image004[2] I can see your house from here! clip_image006[2]

Person slightly shattered on the Google Earth’s potential


Google Earth is a program to search for in the world. For example: If you lose your keys, put “My keys” in the search engine and of course won’t find anything because the program is a shit.

Google Earth Utilities

Google Earth has a host of useful applications, such as:

  • Locate your home, and tell it to your friends.
  • clip_image007 Locate the 51 area, which is supposed to be secret
  • Locate the White House and see that is pixelated (not now, you can now see Bush looking through covered binoculars to the Google satellite (see picture)).
  • Look at your neighbor’s house to see if she’s in topless on the terrace.
  • See if it is night in Australia (shit).
  • See how far you are from your favorite artists
  • View your ex’s house when the house wasn’t still from your ex … poor dragged geek!!!!!!
  • It was by Google Earth that Uribe achieved finding Tirofijo, Ingrid Betancourt and 14 other assholes, after carefully searching for four years in detail in Google Earth in the Colombian forests.

Here you can fully see it in Inciclopedia

Here you can see the formal article in Wikipedia

I realized the Incyclopedia watching a Hugo Chavez program, in which he read verbatim what is there said of Bush, if you’re not interested in reading it, then see a coordinate map:

clip_image004[3] I would like to learn Latin, to speak with the Latin American clip_image006[3]

Bush demonstrating his talent to shit it

We’ll see in a couple of days to tell you how it was with the total station.


(*) La Mancha: It is the name of a town mentioned in Miguel de Cervantes great novel: ‘El Quijote de la Mancha’.

geograficas a utm 2

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