Google does what it wants, with AdSense and us

In my moments of egeomating on the toad’s immortality, I concluded that Google knows how to control that a few days we win less, some others more, have fewer visits … and issues like that.


Certain days, Google seems it turns off some servers for some specific regions because we can see big spikes in visitors from search engines, known for “keywords”. It is likely that Google facilities worldwide, where are the thousands of servers, are segmented according to areas where comes more visits, indexed better or worse depending on the produced results to AdWords clients according to most influential trends (Trends).


The strange thing is that these peaks do not reflect equally the income, so even if traffic is high, seems to be a low performance… as experiments the scientific is doing with the mouse’s gut.

AdSense’s Revenue

All will have noticed that there aren’t three good days in AdSense, some days we observe prominent peaks followed by falls that apparently “compensate” for the good income, and these peaks are never so extreme. As many say that Google knows how much we earn, so when we grow and notice that … when someone exceeds the apparent pattern of political fraud.

In my opinion, Google has parameters of its AdWords ads, according to effectiveness campaign rates in both revenue and clicks, and thus also has robotic routine, in which if a blog in a day exceeds a certain percentage of abnormal growth, the day after receiving notices from a lower level of effectiveness, then up, down, until it stays stable tendency.

The same, it should be penalty parameters for non healthy practices among which are included the Wiggles, after which we have seen pagerank drops, or visits from search engines fall.

AdWords consumption

Here… does what it wants; observe this day, I have a set daily budget in which I pay just pennies per visit, suddenly many ads come even aware that this is not an attractive value to have this efficiency level in one day… and mostly from Argentina.

So I could assume that Google closed this topic’s ads to many blogs and guided to a region which was experiencing a fall … all at the expense of my liver.


Final assumption

It seems that Google could be even more effective in getting users to have better results in their searches … what would do that we have more visits

… Though this does not guarantee we will have faster growth than we have experienced.

Either way it’s good to know that last month that revenues “apparently” dropped because Google sent our ads to its space … they are compensating now.

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