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Geospatial is the name used for the sciences, tools and topics about the earth management

Spatial Data Infrastructure for Guatemala

It’s interesting the prototype of spatial data infrastructure for Guatemala that is preparing the General Secretary of planning and programming of the SEGEPLAN’s Presidency. We had seen in the video presentation of Moses Poyatos and Walter Giron from SITIMI in the 4th gvSIG’s days; at the end of the presentation mentioned that the IDEs was […]

10 egeomates and a recommendation

This week I’ll be on tour again. I leave you 10 readings while return … oh, and a recommendation. About technologies Hugo Chavez is afraid of the mouse Centromujer, it’s born a great blog for women. And what a design! LULA, free software for Hispanic Universities About Geospatial Sofftware GeoViewer 3.0, a free viewer from […]

MapJack, surpasses Google Street View

MapJack is an application similar to Street View, though it exceeds by a good amount of functionality. Of course, as it is not from Google, nor manage this amount of millions, there is no guarantee it will survive to an acquisition or to the economic crisis. It is a development worked on the Google API […]

Top 60, the most searched of egeomate 2008

Here is the list of the 60 most popular words in egeomate (geofumadas in Spanish) in this 2008 year: 1. Own brand (1%) This is the keyword for which have reached more visits, usually used by those who already know the blog, who did not attend nor have read rss in their favorites, and not […]

Who Moved My Cheese?

I like Geoinformatics so much, cause besides being a magazine with a great layout appeal; the contents are very good in geospatial. Today has been announced the release of April, where I have taken some texts highlighted in red to motivate a luscious reading. In earlier versions I did a summary for them, today I’ve […]

Connect to the data, AutoCAD Map – Bentley Map

In this post I want to make a comparative between the access’ ways to a database with geospatial platforms from Autodesk and Bentley. I’ve used for this: AutoDesk Civil 3D 2008 (which includes AutoCAD Map) Bentley Map V8i AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 Bentley Map V8i Connect to: File, connect to Data… Connect to: Settings, database, […]

Connect MicroStation V8i with WMS services

  A while ago we showed an archaic form of how was it possible to connect to OGC services using MicroStation; I remember Keith told me that the next version would have these capabilities. Connect To access, it’s always made using raster manager that now, additional to adding a raster file and imaging service it […]

Bentley Map wants you to migrate to V8i

Bentley has launched a strong campaign to get Microstation Geographics users to switch to V8i, for it is offering special prices and an intensive communication of the benefits that one might find in Bentley Map compared with its competitors. 1. CAD and GIS Integration. 2.  Take advantage of Oracle’s geospatial power. 3. Work either with […]

Converting shp to kml… and an all-out smoke

Fdo2Fdo is an interesting application that serves not only to convert shape format files to kml’s as it’s announced in this post in a poorly way. For now, it becomes an alternative after shp2kml’s death which, according to its creator’s rules, has apparently expired Seeing its capabilities it turns in a great surprise considering that […]

Digital terrain model in Google Earth

Valery Hronusov is the kml2kml application creator; it is interesting that today has published a note in which Google recommends it, strange but not so, knowing what makes this application that only weighs 1 MB. Some time ago I talked about how to do something like this with AutoCAD, and also with ContouringGE. Let’s see […]

New challenges in data dissemination policy

Geographic Information is a key element in public administration. Technological advances in this field have been numerous in recent years and its rapid development has raised new challenges in data dissemination policy and legal aspects, this combined with the development of free software, and the existence of standardized geographical Data Infrastructures (SDI), have greatly facilitated […]

Satellite image on your desktop… in real time

For those maniacs on the weather and want to know if in the other side of the world is day or night … this application is just cool (Spanish Idiom: ‘chuparse los dedos’). It’s about Desktop Earth, which converts the desktop computer into a satellite view. Although it may seem a simplistic picture, let’s see […]

Geofumadas on the fly

My life and my travels, it’s difficult to understand the difference between them.  In what I feel it’s a depressing Internet connection from a ciber – cafe, here there are, some readings on the fly for a healthy intake before leaving and starting to celebrate Father’s Day with my children. Google Earth Street’s view of […]

Geoinformatics March, continues the Open GIS

It has already left Geoinformatics’ this month edition, showing in its cover a Digital Globe satellite image of the South of Iran as a threshold for presenting the German company GeoServe’s services.  Continuity is mostly given to items previously written and we are pleased that the trend, at least for this year, for displaying open […]

GvSIG, working with LIDAR files

Already some time ago has been implementing various applications to the LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology which consists of the measurement of the ground at a distance by means of a laser system. According to the existing information in DIELMO airborne LiDAR is currently more precise technology for the generation of digital elevation models […]

Your Favorite Software must die

The edition of this PC Magazine’s month is full of phrases with this level of irony against Microsoft’s popularity and specifically for the Windows operating system. I would like to dedicate this post to Nadia Molina, which leaves from PC Magazine, we will miss her mole and her unmistakable voice on the podcast, but we […]

Mapping your surname

Reading Spatial Sustain I got informed there’s a Dynastree application that thematizes a map according to the abundance of your surname. It’s a reminder that maps are in fashion. Let’s try with Álvarez, in Spain It’s so easy, you type and then press the search button; as a result, provinces are painted according to six […]

Google Maps offline and downloading geotagged images

Few alternatives have emerged to ensure that Google navigation data are stored in cache in order to be consulted once we are not connected to the Internet. Although the same Google Earth caches, no one is certain where it is stored, so as to transfer it to another disk or keep it if we install […]