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Tips and tricks to non specialized themes buy always about the CAD / GIS skills

Geosmokes, tips on yellow fever

Before someone drive away with the title’s post, I want to clarify that this IS NOT A SPONSORED POST, :). The interest in avoiding a serious problem that is happening to a Gijon’s friend who traveled to Ecuador last week and now had to be quarantined for several days. 1. What is Yellow fever. It […]

How to compare two Word documents

Often happens, that when working a document, someone overturns it without applying reviewing changes and earlier than later we occupy making comparison of both documents. Although I rarely write about programs topics for mere mortals, I take this occasion because this function comes bundled with Microsoft Word, and works beautifully. First it’s suggested that both […]

Online digital printing

To print large volumes of a document or a pamphlet, conventional printing is almost the only solution. Partly because color’s separation minimizes costs when the job consist on large printings; but with the disadvantage that it can not be done urgently and in minor volumes not necessarily comes out cheaper. Printia is a company that […]

Tips: How to start writing an article

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post Everyone wants to write about something, the issue is quite clear like to whom it is addressed and what they hope to achieve with the subject is also clear. But they are whipped by this phobia: How do I start? How do I […]

Where to buy a Brother printer

Brother is a brand of more than 100 years; we remember the famous typewriter thirty years ago with the ball spinning letters, which then switched to electronic machines, those which cost secretaries get left on one side. Even today there are those who refuse to store it in a display case and in the guise […]

Problem 4: Acer Aspire One, does not send the Datashow

In the case of the Acer Aspire computers, the combination used to send to a projector the screen view to an external monitor is combination Fn + F5. It might not respond, and when you have 200 people in front, it is a big problem. Let’s see how to solve it. If everything is in […]

Word 2007 one of lime and the other of sand (*)

TRANSLATION NOTE: Please read the comments at the end of the post to clarify the real meaning of some terms. — Word 2007 and its ribbon, like AutoCAD’s left for us some things out of control in the moments we have to hurry. The problem I was looking to convert lowercase to uppercase text, which […]

Edit PDF documents

Among various, I think one of the best and affordable is Foxit PDF Editor. Very lightweight, almost as Foxit Reader, ideal for comments to a document from which we don’t have the base or responsibility, as it is the case with the Publishing House that is using Adobe In Design CS to Mac, and that […]