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First Look

The first look is a review done for a software or equipment with technical emphasis and supposing will be continued in other posts.

Low-Cost Feature-Rich RTK Receiver

SkyTraq Launches Low-Cost Feature-Rich RTK Receiver

SkyTraq Technology Inc., a fabless GNSS positioning technology company, introduces S2525F8-RTK, a low-cost, low-power, single frequency RTK receiver for applications requiring centimeter-level accuracy positioning. S2525F8-RTK is a multi-constellation GNSS RTK receiver that can use 12 GPS, 8 SBAS, 6 BDS, and 1 QZSS signal. In situations where RTK fix is not possible, a Float RTK […]

Bentley Map PowerView V8i, first impression

I have received a version of PowerView V8i Select Series 2 (version 8.11.07), the economic line in mapping area that Bentley hopes to exploit. At first there has been eliminated some of my doubts in the previous post when I showed the three lines of geospatial area for 2011. To begin with, rather than a […]

Ares, a CAD alternative for Linux and Mac

There haven’t been many aided design solutions that go beyond Windows. ArchiCAD had been rather lonely on the Mac, AutoCAD now has decided to enter this market, and Ares is another interesting alternative. Its name does not sound us like AutoCAD, with the shadow made by that P2P downloadable program and what remind us the […]

A look at gvSIG 1.10

After a few days of travel across gvSIG 1.9, my impatience for its version’s bugs and other perks, now I return to the gvSIG issue. Having not touched this software for a while have been productive for me, because opening this new version and compare it with the photograph that I had on that occasion […]

A look at the Mobile Mapper 100

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Ashtech recently launched its new equipment model, which was shown at the recent ESRI International Conference, its called Mobile Mapper 100, which is an evolution to the Mobile Mapper 6 characteristics but with above precision to the ProMark3. In essence, this is the […]

GPS Promark 3, first impression

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. I’ve taken out of the box these toys, in a week we will do training to see how it works. For now, I’ve barely seen the videos and some of its attributes. Promark 3 predecessors. In this same line, there previously were, and […]

PowerCivil for Latin America, first impression

I have already installed this toy, of which I spoke yesterday; I am referring to V8i version. As input raises a panel where are concentrated all features. At the bottom there are the following tabs: Surfaces Geometry Preferences Drainage Topography Templates Corridors Work modelators Each one has a shortcut menu in the left pane […]

A Look at ArcGIS 10

It has been mentioned that by June of 2010 will be available ArcGIS 10, which as we see will be a significant milestone recognizing ESRI level position in the geospatial field. Already in forums and other places it has been commented a lot, and surely from here to the User Conference in July, we’ll know […]

TatukGIS Viewer… a great viewer

For now is one of the better (if not the best) CAD / GIS data viewers I’ve seen, practical and free. Tatuk is a product line born in Poland; just a few days ago it was announced TatukGIS Viewer version 2. Other viewers If we value the free programs of other brands, provided to view […]

GvSIG: First impression

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Right now that I’m “forced” to join with gvSIG, here’s my first impression. Friendly. As I have been printing the 371 pages manual, I have formed the impression that this tool was made for AutoCAD and ArcView users. I awaited the ArcView similarity […]