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Facebook is a social network, that includes people profiles and used for the companies to promote products in segmented markets.

Some 2009 Christmas cards

20 years ago, by this time I had cards’ collection under the pine tree which we literally cut (certainly, we were predators!), then we preserved cards in a trunk. Today, postcards are virtual objects; people leave them on their facebook, Hi5! or in their blogs. Here I leave some that I liked. This is from […]

Facebook, another way for waste our time?

For a while I could never find the Facebook business, and so far I have serious doubts about what I understood rightly. This social network has grown a lot, displacing Hi5! every day in the Spanish-speaking environment, but to be honest, after the first days of use I couldn’t understand what to do with that […]

Topography, just images

This is the name given to a Facebook group in which its members are dedicated to send a lot of photographs and posters where appears or equipment or technical surveying. They have requested me authorization to use the photo where emerge girls trying to place a tripod; this is how I realized that there was […]