Facebook: your friends on a map

Use a map is an application built on the API Facebook and Google Earth which lets you view all the friends you have deployed on a map.  Once you enter the application you can send an invitation to every friend you select to join.

Although the application means raw, it’s interesting to see our contacts captured on a map. Location seems to be a weak point in this application, because you can’t get the real address of anyone. Position gives the impression to be obtained trivially, without precision (a Spanish idiom: “al chilazo”). Hence, many friends location appears on it residing on the other hand of their real address in the city. But we don’t rule out it will eventually be integrated to Google’s latitude tasks .


Any way, it’s another application that joins the one I’ve earlier showed you, where you can see history or proposals travel.  Another choice for this task is Friends on Fire, that is integrated to Yahoo Maps API according to what William Klew say us .

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