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egeomate is a magazine specialized in geospatial themes, specially in the training of CAD / CAM / CAE / GIS tools

Thematics + 3 years of Geomate

After a little over three years with the blog, here I summarize some statistics that have helped me to plan topics and priorities for 2011. Trying to stay on subject glimpsed in my first post, total categories have become 31. As a general line I raised in that 2007 post 4 categories: Cartography, AutoCAD, Microstation […]

Geofumadas 3.0: SEO Decisions

2011 marks an important step in Spanish version of eGeomate, after 3 years of coming to work as Cartesianos subdomain. We’ve spoken with Tomas, whom I thank the opportunity and with whom I hope maintain an important contact in this and other situations we found. Cartesianos, despite damage it had at a time by viral […]

The most commented on egeomate

This is a summary of the post with the most registered comments; I have selected those who reach at least 10 comments. About natural wonders (156), perhaps what happens to these posts is that they are of general interest and everyone wakes up in the patriotism’s spine. Although there have been added issues to the […]

What has left us June?

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. June was a month that as I saw many bloggers commenting on statistics fell … although I personally think that also influenced the dns’ change of servers which is still indexing in Google search engines and I feel that any penalty also […]