Click, click, Click.

4:32 am.   Do I still work until dawn or do I sleep even one hour? tab, clip_image001esc

4:33 am.  We’ll see if in the refrigerator is one Adrenalina.  esc, F1

4:35 am.  What a cute chicks, how sweet sleep on their holiday.  File, save

4:36 am.  Yep, there’s one Adrenalina, only bigger, but no matter, come.  Right Click, stop.

4:38 am.  Have someone labeled the new total station? What a problem (Spanish Idiom: “rollo” which means a complicated situation) with the USB cable that all the time gets out (Spanish Idiom: “destrompa” which means that the usb cable always gets out from the port). File, open

4:38:55. and from who are those little monkey fingers? It could not be seen the belly, the soapy hair, the bald and the ass.

4:39 am.  It’s better to continue working, because in the other side of the pond (Spanish Idiom: “al otro lado del charco” which refers in this case to Europe separated from America by the Ocean) they are in lunch.

4:39:17 am.  Where has been hidden Francisco J, a friend from Gabriel Ortiz’s forum?

4:40 am.  Cheers! My friends, we’ll egeomate (Spanish Idiom: “geofumaremos” which means in this case talk) later.  Click, click, click…

geograficas a utm 2

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