… Busy but happy

Much to do, wanting to close the year in good peace, and go on holiday with stress in less that 2.5175. I’m waiting for time to return to the egeomate’s rumination at night.

And I’m also enjoying many familiar pleasures.

My daughter, taking advantage of the Ipad. Curiously, she learned to use it before I do; now she’s an expert looking after the Farmville chickens and drawing in Sketchbook. Nice toy, if you drop the necessary applications.
My mother, having fun doing the puzzles she never had in her infancy, legacy that she left me to try to fix complicated things and that my daughter then took to spend time together.

And then this champion who finished his school. With academic excellence and high aspirations for his 11 Januarys.

A difficult year because he had to study almost on his own and survive the mockery of the year when many of his colleagues were no longer children and passed to adolescents with its natural and ridicule immaturities product of self-esteem problems.

Finally he’s going to school, and that’s good.

These creatures were born with the national football team in the blood, and the computer in their fingers. It was an interesting year to give lessons of what should and could not on Facebook.
And a great soup, chicken, a dish of salt and tortillas, with the warmth and simplicity of inland people. Ohhhh!

geograficas a utm 2

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