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About AdWords and AdSense

AdWords is the system used by Google to display ads, companies pay, per printed, per click or per action, while AdSense is the system used by the owners of space for ads to be shown.

So, the ads you see above this post have been paid by a company, blog or someone who is willing to pay what it’s worth a click or a thousand views. So someone who is very careful of money, may decide to have a limit of one dollar per day, and pay only a penny per click, this will mean that at least can have 100 visits from its advertising and still can choose in which sites can display it.


But if its dollar is not being consumed in the day, it is because there are other companies displaying ads on the same theme paying better prices than the miserable penny. To do this, there is also the keyword advertising, with which it can be decided what price to pay per word, with the disadvantage that there is a minimum value defined by the existing demand for this keyword. For example, “AutoCAD” can not be used for less than 15 cents, “Download AutoCAD” goes up 22 cents and “Free AutoCAD” is much higher, this based on competition those words have as being a very popular software.

What’s the point of knowing this?

See the best paid value by keyword is possible, taking associated Google Analytics account with AdSense’s, so that on visits’ statistics can be seen the income values. And knowing this is necessary to understand the trend, if you want to have a blog but also thinking it is sustainable or at least will pay some accounts to a passion that could be temporary.


Words with best price paid per thousand

No keyword cpm
1 convert office 7 file to office 2000 $1.315,80
2 google search in the blog how much does they pay for one clic $808,93
3 Autocad block elevator 8 people $676,52
4 arcgis how to georeference $569,12
5 $535,52
6 titan geochat $530,54
7 Spain’s mesh 1 50000 $513,01
8 How can I learn to work with Autocad program $481,92
9 cad blocks security and health $478,74
10 Autocad 2009 properties $450,01
11 7 natural wonders $421,60
12 Tlecommunications blocks in Autocad $416,41
13 Learning Autocad 2009 with free videos $397,02
14 Download Autocad sample program $394,89
15 Autocad 2009 codes for Mexico $374,00
16 gv.sig $360,37
17 gps for agronomist engineer $354,22
18 Create your grid $342,61
19 Download free auto cad/ $340,40
20 Land use planning at the departmental level in Colombia $326,40
21 Microstation pirated $325,33
22 hotels for 50€ Barcelona $319,33
23 exporting shp to dxf 3d $315,73
24 internet courses for poor men $311,70
25 Air conditioning for Autocad’s gym $302,31

Table analysis

If you notice, although my main issue is not AutoCAD (in red color), 44% I mean 11 of the 25 highest paid keywords have to do with this software, and the reason is simple, the competition for a very popular tool makes its control of the market set the price trend in advertising. And these 11 words are from blocks, education, hacking and download AutoCAD … that’s life.

Thus price of well paid keywords can be from $1 per click until the $3, although I have seen more high values, it seems to be more the result of a miracle that a high-performance writing.

Then see that the highest-paid sentence has to do with Office, the most used office software in the world. Although about Office I hardly have spoken of the conversion of files from 2007 to earlier versions, it is just this issue that someday someone searches precisely this and will win the priority in that click.

Then see that although I’ve talked a lot about Microstation (purple color), as being a tool with lower market share compared to AutoCAD, makes that keyword not reaches high prices per click while ArcGIS (green color) barely wins two keywords, it is obvious for the popularity of this software it is required to talk more about it than I’ve done so far (almost nothing).

Then, issues of my preference are not included in the list, such as Manifold because its market is so small that even gvSIG defeats it and takes better place. From Google Earth it’s better nor aspire to, because it is a word too expensive so as to get an expensive click; note that natural wonders or land ordering are well positioned as being topics in which few people have entered.


Write about popular topics can be profitable, but competition from other areas with better content and positioning tactics can be more difficult.

Writing about unpopular topics may be more satisfactory because of the expertise level you have, but it should not be regarded as altruistic that it do not produces related services with demand on internet.

Search for high prices is not an investment if its search requires more time than it takes to write a simple post with the heart in the left hand and a subway on the right.

The best trick to take advantage of AdSense is to write with pleasure and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the audience grow. Clicks… will come in as traffic grows.

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