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Videos for learning AutoCAD, free!!!

This is a valuable resource to learn AutoCAD with videos, which incidentally is now free; the only thing that requires from you is to register. Undoubtedly it’ll be a great help for those who want to learn how to use AutoCAD from scratch through It is separated by at least in 5 parts, the […]

What’s new in AutoCAD 2010

AutoCAD 2010, Wow! This is the name given after Heidi’s review to this AutoCAD version, just a year after her talk about AutoCAD 2009. Coming from an expert woman (Spanish Idiom: “tia”) who takes 17 years seeing what is new each year, may be it would be appropriate to take a look. Several of them […]

ProgeCAD, another alternative to AutoCAD

ProgeCAD is a low-cost technology based on the IntelliCAD 6.5, which very well may be adopted as a replacement for software of AutoCAD’s level. Let’s see what ProgeCAD has: Similar to AutoCAD Being similar to AutoCAD both in commands and functionality allows no need to train technicians who have mastered that platform. So actions such […]

Testing a NetBook in CAD/GIS

Some days ago I had considered testing how it works a Netbook in the geomatic medium, in this case I have been testing an Acer One that rural technicians commissioned me to buy on a visit to the city. The test helped me to decide if my next purchase will be invested on other high […]

The slow progress of CAD integration– Costs

After SAICIC’s death, several Mexican programs appropriated this market, making it one of the engineering areas that was first automated. I remember that sometimes I’d trained costs’ course, and it was necessary to test different applications (available in those days), such us NewWall, Opus, Campeon Neodata. The latter seemed better even it bothered me I […]

BitCAD – AutoCAD Comparison (Round 1)

I had previously talked about BitCAD, which is an economical alternative to AutoCAD, with a very aggressive advertising and that just now has launched its 6.5 version with 3D capabilities. Every day more and more companies are forced to abandon the pirating practice because international agreements are making that more Governments become involved in the […]

AutoCAD Civil 3D, importing points from an external database

In this post we will see how to import data from an external database, but we have to consider some extra aspects in handling points. We will work with the example that comes with a tutorial of Civil 3D, using file-1.dwg and points.mdb at the end are links to download them. Create Description Keys The […]

AnyDWG, to convert dwg files without AutoCAD

AnyDWG is a line of economic tools made for converting AutoCAD files to different formats. Among the best features with these small tools is that they allow conversions from AutoCAD R2.5 dwg format to AutoCAD 2009. Also is salvageable that processes are made massively, in what is known as batch. Most programs contain in a […]

Learning AutoCAD Civil 3D, valuable resources

Being a member of AUGI MexCCA has many advantages, one of which is the access to learning tools and tutorials. Here I present a summary of the best from the tutorials in Civil 3D use for highways, surveying, and geospatial. Some are videos, other are pdf files. You must be registered to view them, so […]

Creating a table of bearings with AutoCAD Civil 3D

I remember a while ago talking about how to do this with SoftDesk, we also saw some juggling to do the reverse from a table built into Excel. In this case I’ll do it with AutoCAD Civil 3D, which is the union of AutoCAD Map and AutoCAD Civil 3D. Indeed, the environment is much like […]

Autocad not always existed

This is a different way to set the paper space, according to the resolution of the monitor. hehe Via: kakareando por la web

Working shape files with AutoCAD

The shape files, known as .shp files will be quaternary formats in matter of technology but we can not avoid that they have been popularized as much as it was ArcView 3x. This is why they are still widely used, to the extent that most platforms especially geospatial have developed routines to operate them. Even […]

2011: What to expect: CAD Platforms

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Hello my friends, holidays have left like firecrackers, nacatamales (*) and New Year hugs. It’s good to be back to this side of life in a year good for news. AutoCAD comes from 3 years of having given back to interface and is […]

The most commented on egeomate

This is a summary of the post with the most registered comments; I have selected those who reach at least 10 comments. About natural wonders (156), perhaps what happens to these posts is that they are of general interest and everyone wakes up in the patriotism’s spine. Although there have been added issues to the […]

Toolkits for AutoCAD Map 3D 2009

In November’s month will be held in different cities of Spain AutoCAD Map 3D 2009 seminars with solutions for different areas as surveying, water, sanitation and electricity. What to be expect in Surveying: There will be presented the tools to create, visualize and analyze topographic models, as well as for design and accurate updating processes […]

What novelties could AutoCAD 2010 bring

Here is a list of dream wishes for AutoCAD users who have been selected for receiving the most votes in the wish list ballot recently promoted: 1. Protection for the drawing’s design, in short, that it could protect changes to a drawing in “final” conditions. 2. A handler block, it is not intended new features, […]

Toy to connect AutoCAD with ArcGIS

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Clarifying what AutoCAD We do not mean AutoCAD Map or Civil3D, that connect to OGC services but the simple AutoCAD 2007 versions onwards, we mean since it had georeferencing functionality. Clarifying what ArcGIS: Did not connect to a Geodatabase or a locally stored […]

November has gone, summary of the month

This month was less productive than before, when I had been on the 40 posts, in this case I was on the 28, because the trips have been complicated and the need to complete some unfinished issues. Free GIS Software Although this topic is new on my blog, the experience I’m getting with training and […]