AutoCAD 2012, when?

This spring we’ll see AutoCAD 2012 new version, some news make us it seem that it is very close. We have not known much of what we might expect, more than what Anglo-Saxon communities comment, and my light predictions; my expectation is now focused on what we might see as new in AutoCAD WS that leaves me rather impressed and occupied.

For now I leave 4 links to be aware of AutoCAD 2012 arrival

clip_image0011. Purchase AutoCAD 2011 and receive AutoCAD 2012 free

This is an AutoDesk promotion that has been released on Amazon, applies to purchases made on line platform and with a price close to US $1,000. It works in subscription form and is LT version.

Not so bad for who is waiting 2012 version and can not wait any longer.

2. AUGIMEXCCA closes for awhile

This great community which gathers Hispanic users’ contributions from Mexico, Central America and Caribbean from what I had already spoken before has paused although not international version. We know this partial retirement is for improving even though it left us a great void considering amount of resources that were there. We hope their return will facilitate videos viewing and contents navigation usability; we’re confident of something: their return will be before AutoCAD 2012 arriving.

3. Hispanic community for AutoDesk users

This recently has launched, with good resources, links and news. By now Hispanic blogs contents are few, but while it disseminates and Forum gets hot, we will have more. An interesting site to keep track of AutoCAD 2012 arrival, though it gives me the impression that AUGI could migrate here just as Bentley did with its dispersed networks (Askinga included).


4. Download AutoCAD 2012 for free

This works with AutoDesk beta community (formerly Myfeedback), which allows you to download not final versions to test before it reaches release version. For this you have to register, include AutoDesk’s software type to test, register machine type we have for test and in a couple of days comes to us an associated projects link to download full version for testing purposes.

5. Let us talk about AutoCAD

Finally, I must mention a site that left us quite happy for the way new AutoCAD 2011 features were presented. I am referring to Fernando Montaño’s blog, “Let’s talk about AutoCAD”, where surely we can have more news of 2012 version arrival and all that implies.

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