Asterix and Obelix arrive to 50 years

clip_image001The celebration of the 50 years’ comic has even reached the cover of Google, whose creative has done a brilliant adaptation of what is never lacking in these cartoons. To celebrate this, it has also left an unpublished version of 57 pages which includes short episodes.

And so it is, because there couldn’t probably be someone who did not have a copy of it in his hands and enjoyed at least half an hour looking each character of an arising fight between the blacksmith and the fish seller from that small village in Gaul; many of us have saved them as collection’s relics because all of the episodes are real creativity works. Until today, I battle with my children because they remove them from the trunk and want to give them the treatment which would have any another comic, certainly there are very good but, depending on when they are chewed for the first time, it arouse a sense of nostalgia and loyalty through its systematic continuity in 34 editions.

clip_image002Like this, I really liked the Belgian comic “Tintin”, but it’s a sorrow the difficulty to find it here; after that version in which they visit Central America with their military coups… I could not get one more. In Obelix’s case, the combination of the absurd with history in a satirical sense and its high graphics quality makes repetitive scenarios fun. The characters are few and almost do the same:

  • The out of tune singer who’s always tied at the end
  • Obelix always hungry for wild boars
  • The black Najo on the pirate ship … where it always goes wrong
  • Throwing cakes and more cakes to the Romans
  • Phrases like “these Romans are crazy”, “you fell into the pot”, “By Tutatis!” repeated at the extreme.

But it happens that the script’s originality and quality in characters’ definition, settings, names, and historical context are worth admiring, even though it’s recognized that characters were acquired by Goscinny, while studying in Argentina. The two characters Patoruzú and Upa, were both from the local environment. The same stories, as old as the fifties they have, still entertaining, so much, that they have become flash games and a film (I did not like it, by the way).

Thus on the fly, some of the most valuable scenarios I remember:

  • When visiting the Americas with the Vikings, glu-glu and the Indian complaining because somebody gave him! Pow!
  • When the nose to the Sphinx was broken
  • When Obelix assembled a company at Menhires. This episode is a true classic marketing, I remember having seen it as an advertising course textbook.
  • When the Romans become hairy by the wrong magic potion
  • When it was celebrated the pirate’s birthday with a sausage

At the official site you can find games resources, reviews and more information. Among them it is the whole list of editions:

The Heaven falls upon us! 
Asterix the Gaul 
Astérix in Belgium 
Asterix in Britain 
Asterix in Corsica
Asterix in Helvecia 
Asterix in Spain 
Asterix in India 
Asterix at the Olympic Games 
Asterix at the Olympic Games 
Asterix Gladiator 
Asterix Legionary 
Asterix and Cleopatra 
Asterix and the Cauldron 
Asterix and Latraviata 
Asterix and something never seen 
Astérix and the Goths 
Asterix and the Normands 
Asterix and the Normands 
The Magician 
The anniversary of Asterix and Obélix – The Golden Book 
The leaders combat 
The Avernus shield 
The son of Asterix 
Obelix’s bad drink 
A gift from the Caesar 
The Tares 
The great trek 
The golden sickle 
Asterix Odissey 
The residency of the gods 
The rose and the sword 
Returning to Gaul 
The Great Ditch 
The laurels of the Caesar 
Obélix and Company 

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