Approximately 10 loose sentences of the Cup crisis

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post.

clip_image001 … After giving me two pinches in my arm, I finally accepted I was not dreaming.

… If Honduras denounced the OEA document with immediate effect, and the OEA expelled Honduras, does Zelaya is left in the air?

… So many Nicaraguans and Venezuelans in the cities, they’re plotting something.

… Some go half obsolete; they talked about putting a replica of Radio Venceremos and obtain aerial photographs on the black market but they were told that with the Internet and Google Earth is no longer necessary.

… How ironic, this year at Honduras request it was removed the penalty to Cuba in the OEA, and this same country was suspended.

.. While the United States today celebrates its 233 Independence Day, Honduras wins the global condemnation.

… What terrible, today could be an invasion of Chavez and all the world will applaud.

… When I was in sixth grade, and we got to the teacher with a complaint because someone had beaten us, she always said, “Show me the blood.” So if the president wakes up with the bunny pajamas in Costa Rica, without hits, then there’s no cup?

… Between falling into the capitalism intrusion, the invasion of Chavismo or the complicity of narrow interest groups … it feels like going to dinner at another restaurant. Hunger could wait six months, pressure, nobody knows.

… And by the way, if I don’t share any of the two extremes, “Am I stopping belonging to the people? Because this is how both sides are called.

This Polache (*) became famous, it is sung in the meetings of the Alliance for democracy and performs live with the resistance against the coup.


… When people realize that is eating shit, the poles will change, and thus could continue until by exhaustion Ursula will call them to order.


(*) Polache: this is the pseudonym of Paul Hughes a Honduran singer whose father is English and his mother Honduran.

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