3 wishes for today

Hi sweet, days without hearing from you. Yes, it’s been several things, good, bad and regular. I was traveling again, as the last 4 years.

clip_image001No, nothing changes here, every day the situation becomes more delicate. But we’ve been making progress. What happens is that the day was born with palate flavored the last 20 seconds of the Arjona’s baby without any need.

My kids, well, studying hard, celebrating their piñata. But the rain was persistent, we had to break it at night, just watch their eyes with little emotion. You should remember this.

The country is at the politicians’ rhythm. Just now it is being signed Neerlandia’s agreement, then comes Colonel Aureliano Buendia failed suicide attempt.

If the world were as linear as the eighth written for Python these would be my 3 wishes:

1. That GvSIG 1.9 stable comes out today as it has been announced

2. That the Central American circus comes to an end

3. That the girl who turned my eyes is fine… you same.

Yes, I miss you. Sometimes a lot, sometimes less, today … as the first day

geograficas a utm 2

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